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  • “Sigma Force roars back into action...Rollins is a master of the genre, able to sweep us up and carry us along until he brings the story to a riveting conclusion.”

    David Pitt, BOOKLIST (Reader Review)

  • “Rollins…marries nail-biting action with a highly imaginative premise…This is a thoughtful, nonstop thrill ride that’s an exemplar of an escapist page-turner." *Starred Review*

    Publishers Weekly (Reader Review)

  • “Rollins takes his readers to hell…spins an entertaining thriller.”

    Kirkus Reviews (Reader Review)

  • “[Crucible] is a gripping story about science’s future that is rooted in history…. As usual, Rollins knows about strong storytelling.”

    South Florida Sun Sentinel (Reader Review)

  • “One of his most exciting and most terrifying books to date….Rollins has truly secured his claim as heir to the best of Michael Crichton..”
    —Booklist (*starred* review)

    Book list (Reader Review)

  • "[Crucible] is a wild ride...a rollercoaster of raucous events...from a technothriller to a medical suspense story to a shoot-'em-up adventure..."

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Reader Review)

  • “Superb and scintillating…Rollins shades Crucible with equal measures of science and speculation, mixed in typically brilliant fashion and propelling him past the likes of Wilbur Smith and Alistair MacLean to claim the mantle of the greatest action-adventure writer of this or any generation.”

    Providence Journal (Reader Review)

  • “With his latest Sigma Force adventure, James Rollins shows yet again why he’s the heir apparent to the throne previously held by Michael Crichton . . . Crucible is a riveting thriller that’ll stay with readers for a very long time.”

    TheRealBookSpy (Reader Review)

  • "Rollins has done it again. Real history and science play a key role in all of the action, which never wanes...Definitely keep an eye out for this one."

    Library Journal [Starred Review]

  • "If you're a fan of smart, entertaining adventure fiction, this is your summer beach read writ large. . . .All the science, all the history, and all the locations are masterfully intertwined. The characters are multi- dimensional. And the story is, well, a corker."

    Mark Sullivan, New York Journal of Books

  • "After Crichton passed away in 2008 he clearly passed the baton to James Rollins, who like Crichton, is a renaissance man."

    Huffington Post

  • "Rollins's roguish charm comes from his efforts to persuade readers the story is credible [through] real-life sources for his novel's science, history and geography."

    New York Times

  • “His books have everything…Yet it works, because Rollins is a master of controlled chaos.”

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram

  • "Terrible secrets, the sweep of history, an epic canvas, breathless action...nobody—and I mean nobody—does this stuff better than Rollins."

    Lee Child on The Devil Colony

  • "This guy doesn't write novels-he builds roller coasters...Rollins excels at combining action and history with larger-than-life characters...A must for pure action fans."


  • "James Rollins is a master of international action and intrigue."

    Richmond Times Dispatch

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James Rollins is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of international thrillers. His writing has been translated into more than forty languages and has sold more than 20 million books. The New York Times says, “Rollins is what you might wind up with if you tossed Michael Crichton and Dan Brown into a particle accelerator together.” NPR calls his work, “Adventurous and enormously engrossing.” Rollins unveils unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets matched with stunning suspense. As a veterinarian, he had a practice in Sacramento for over a decade and still volunteers at local shelters. Nowadays, Rollins shares his home up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with his two golden retrievers, Echo and Duncan. He also enjoys scuba diving, spelunking, kayaking, and hiking. Of course, he loves to travel and experience new places around the world, which often inspire his next globe-trotting adventure.

As a boy immersed in the scientific adventures of Doc Savage, the wonders of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and pulps such as The Shadow, The Spider, and The Avenger, James Rollins decided he wanted to be a writer. He honed his storytelling skills early, spinning elaborate tales that were often at the heart of pranks played on his brothers and sisters.

Before he would set heroes and villains on harrowing adventures, Rollins embarked on a career in veterinary medicine, graduating from the University of Missouri and establishing a successful veterinary practice. He continues to volunteer his time and veterinary skills in support of the local SPCA. His hands-on knowledge of medicine and science helps shape the research and scientific speculation that set James Rollins books apart.

Explosive, Page-Turning Adventures

The exotic locales of James Rollins novels have emerged as a hybrid between imagination, research, and his extensive travels throughout the United States and Europe, as well as New Zealand, the South Pacific, China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America. Recent jaunts include book tours and stops across the country and several European nations to give talks, seminars, and media interviews.

In recent years, much of James' travel has involved meeting readers in small and large groups, at writing and fan conferences, and even aboard seagoing "seminars." James' mentoring and coaching skills have made him a sought-after writing instructor and guest speaker for workshops, symposia, conventions, and other forums throughout the country.

James Rollins is the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of the bestselling Sigma Force series Sandstorm, Map of Bones, Black Order, The Judas Strain, The Last Oracle, The Doomsday Key, The Devil Colony, Bloodline, The Eye of God, The 6th Extinction, The Bone Labyrinth, The Seventh Plague, The Demon Crown, Crucible, The Last Odyssey, Kingdom of Bones,Tides of Fire; six individual adventure thrillers; the blockbuster movie novelization, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; the Tucker Wayne Series; the Order of the Sanguines Series; the Jake Ransom middle-grade series, and the Moonfall Saga series, The Starless Crown andThe Cradle of Iceand the eighteens Sigma Force Adventure, Arkangel, debuts August 6th, 2024.

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Paying It Forward

James Rollins is the founder of Authors United, a group of bestselling authors dedicated to raising funds and awareness for USA Cares. This nonprofit organization seeks to help soldiers and their families through job placement, housing assistance, and emergency aid. Their mission is simple: restore financial stability and self-sufficiency, while instilling a renewed sense of hope among the brave men and women who have put their lives on the line for our freedom.

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About - James Rollins (2024)


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